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August 4th 2008


Early in July we wrote


'Reserve Bank overkill, coupled with a global downturn is threatening to rip the heart out of the Australian economy.'


Well it's happening. The other thing we told you was that it was time the Government took back the Reserve Bank's function to manage interest rates. We stand by that as well.


The Government is now being criticized for the high interest rates we didn't have to have. And quite rightly. It can't control it's own bank, let alone control the rest of the banks. It has left the management of interest rates in the wrong hands. Blame Costello for that one and blame Rudd and Swan for marching lock-step behind him.


The degrading spectacle of Rudd and Swan traipsing cap in hand into the office of the Guvnor of the Reserve Bank immediately after the election was a sight for sore eyes.


The other villain is the Bureau of Statistics. They're using a 20th Century index for a 21st Century economy. No wonder the RBA can't get it right. The economy is being run on hindsight.


Meanwhile you can purchase a room full of furniture from Harvey Norman and not have to pay a razoo until 2010. Swan's had eight months to knock that one on the head.


And credit cards! I got a new credit card in January and they wanted to up my limit from 15 Grand to 42 Grand, no questions asked? Hello! Who's managing this economy?


And now it's time to tell you a few more home truths.



Carbon emission reduction

Instead getting on with the development of a carbon emission reduction scheme the Rod Laver Government and the Lord Nelson Opposition are farnarckling around with a carbon emission trading scheme.


The emissions trading scheme is just that, a scheme, a stunt, a side show, a legerdemain. You know it is because of the number of organisations sucking up for exemptions. It will end up another merchant banker and middle-class welfare driven fiasco. It will end up like the Nixon War on Cancer; the more money spent the greater the emissions.


My mother used to say, 'Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.' The same principle applies to carbon emissions. 


Let's start using the Future Fund and the surplus to invest in the noughties equivalent of the Snowy Mountains Scheme of the 50's and 60's, and start building windmills all over the place, solar power generators on every roof, houses with tanks galore, rivers and tidal creeks with generators. Let's make those belching furnaces a thing of the past without burdening us all with another tax.


Let's wake up the 2000 pound atomic energy gorilla in the corner.


Let's roll our sleeves up and get on with the job of reducing emissions, not sitting around pondering how to trade them.


Let's subsidize the new technologies. Let's get those electric cars buzzing around, lets improve urban mass transport ...


If we have to, let's work out a way to stop all those animals (and humans) farting!


But whatever we do, let's just get on with the business of reducing emissions and show the world some exemplary behaviour.





The Government is starting to look like it will only be with us for one term. It lacks big guns with big, bold, brassy policy initiatives and commitment. It's come to power without a burning ambition to do anything except come to power.


You can blame Crean, (he's got a hide criticizing Costello), Beazely who was lazy, Latham (I'm not sure whether he exploded or imploded) and Rudd himself, a follower of the opinion of pooled ignorance, not a leader of it. Does anyone know what he stands for?


If it hadn't been for the parochialism of Queenslanders, Mr O'Seven would still be handing out programs. He'll go down in history as Mr O'Seven.


As the economy is further mismanaged by the Reserve Bank and the screws turn harder, you can expect a lot of John Howard's battlers to go back to the battler's party.




Ring kissing

Another degrading spectacle; the Australia's Papal ambassador designate kissing the George Ratzinger's ring. For starters we don't need a representative in this quaint, misogynistic, homophobic, gerontological, theocracy. It's an insult to the democratic, egalitarian and inclusive values we believe in. Plus we don't need a train-spotting, left-legged, Catholic flunkey in the job.


If anything we should be applying sanctions against this boys own cult. Any dialogue (and I can't think of any dialogue that there needs to be) between this regime and the Australian Government could be quite adequately handled by the Ambassador to Italy.


Plus the Bruvvers must have been mightily pissed off that a Roman Holiday went to someone from the other side. They reckon that if these sorts of jobs are on offer they should be for 'one of us', not 'one of them'!





Another dreadful spectacle - the Minister for Foreign Affairs and George Bush's blitherer, billing and cooing in Perth eateries. Aussie Ministers seem to have a soft spot for the world's oldest school prefect.




Environment stew

And what a sad spectacle it is watching the Environment Minister stewing in a juice not of his own making. This poor fellow has been a complete disappointment.


Meanwhile its draughty over in the Opposition party room, enough to put the wind up Lord Nelson.


They're thinking of drafting someone from the back bench to take his place, someone who's currently spending his time drafting a book about the past.


It's bunkum.



Frank Blunt


Drafting n. riding behind someone else who's out in front taking the wind.